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All current positions available will be listed below. Please get in touch if you would like to help support our association in a volunteer based role.
Email: secretary@redlandsnetball.com.au

Sponsorship Coordinator


Service the sponsors already in place and source new sponsors


·        Work with the Treasurer in the invoicing process

·        Develop an annual sponsorship plan in consultation with the RNA Board

·        Develop sponsorship proposals and letters for presentation and approval by the RNA Board

·        Actively seek new potential sponsors

·        Invite current and prospective sponsors to events

·        Ensure that sponsors receive maximum promotional exposure in all spheres to maximise the sales potential for sponsors

·        Manage the sponsorships for representative teams

·        Arrange for advertising of sponsors through the association’s newsletter and website

·        Arrange for sponsorship signage to be developed, installed and maintained

·        Plan and coordinate an annual sponsor recognition day and invite all sponsors

·        This role reports to RNA Board Member


Moddies Coordinator

KEY OBJECTIVE Deliver Netball Australia’s junior entry netball program, Net Set Go, to provide children from 5 to 10 years old with the best possible learning and playing experience to develop a positive introduction to netball, ensuring enjoyment and continued participation. Must - Hold a foundation coaching level accreditation.


Key Roles and Responsibilities

● Be responsible for the implementation of the Net Set Go program as set out by Netball Australia, incorporating skill activities, minor games, music, dance and modified matches in a fun and safe environment

● Enlist and monitor coaches to help with the running the Net Set Go 5-7 years program

● Support and provide training for coaches coaching 7 to 10 years old players

● At the start of the season in conjunction with the Coaching and Umpiring Coordinators, facilitate a meeting with clubs, coaches and parents of 7 to 10 years old players outlining the rules and expectations to all groups.

● Attend regular Coordinators meetings to table operational matters and communicate via the Competitions Coordinator to the RNA Board This role reports to Competitions Manager. Carnival and Events Subcommittee To support the Fixtures Convenor to ensure the professional management of all representative and club carnivals and events of the association. Key Roles and Responsibilities

● Perform such duties as determined in consultation with the Fixtures Convenor

● In conjunction with the Business manager, organise vendors for carnivals and events

● Be available to assist in the control room on carnival days

● Organise volunteers to assist with a traffic management plan


This role reports to the Fixtures convenor.


Member protection Officer / Inclusion Officer

Member Protection Officer

KEY OBJECTIVE – To provide information and guidance on complaints procedures to manage members concerns or complaints appropriately before they escalate. Be the contact person for members to discuss problems with the association, particularly members who are considering making a formal complaint. Must hold Member Protection Information Officer accreditation.


Key Roles and Responsibilities

● Be responsible for providing information about a person’s rights, responsibilities and options to an individual making a complaint or raising a concern

● Provide impartial information and advice to members, administrators and complaint handlers regarding the Member Protection Policy of the association.

This role reports to the Board.


Inclusion Officer

KEY OBJECTIVE - To provide a safe environment providing opportunities for individuals and communities with disabilities to experience netball in a fun environment. Experience with disability support is preferable.


Key Roles and Responsibilities

● Complete an Inclusion Workshop https://onenetball.org.au/get-involved/

● Develop and administer an Inclusion program and proposals

● Develop an annual inclusion action plan in consultation with the Communications Coordinator and Competitions Coordinator and seek approval from the RNA Board

● Build relationships with all the Special Schools within the Redlands developing awareness of the Inclusion opportunities

● Actively seek new potential players

● Invite current and prospective players to events

● To be familiar with NQ engagement pages

● Actively identify available grants for Inclusion Programs

This role reports to Business Operations Manager

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